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Clueless and Planless: Ruto hits back at Raila over maliza uende remarks

by Amos Khaemba
Raila Odinga encountered a hostile reception in some parts of Kirinyaga County during his campaign against Mt Kenya.

On Sunday, June 19, supporters of Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer William Ruto and his opponent Raila Odinga clashed over the use of Jacaranda grounds in Nairobi.

The former Eldoret North MP would later castigate the ODM leader for being behind the violence that left the Embakasi East MP aspirant Francis Mureithi injured.

In a quick rejoinder, the former prime minister accused the deputy president of using violence to attract sympathy votes, telling him his time was up.

However, on Monday 20, the Kenya Kwanza alliance presidential flag bearer continued his onslaught on the ODM leader terming him a clueless leader.

In a harsh Twitter post, DP Ruto said Raila has no clue about the problems facing Kenyans and therefore has no plans to solve them.

“Mr. Kitendawili, so much for being clueless, rudderless, and planless about the challenges of our nation and the solutions thereof,” Ruto said on Twitter.

The second in command accused the former prime minister of consistently using violence as a tool for seeking power, asking him to tell Kenyans when will he stop using violence as a tactic.

“The big question Kenyans are asking you, which you have refused to answer, is when are you going to stop using violence as your tool for seeking power???” Ruto posed.

In a statement on Sunday, June 19, the second in command termed Raila a father of violence who shed innocent blood in his quest for power.

“Mr. Kitendawili, The Lord of Violence has done it again. Hired innocent, desperate, and jobless young people, victims of his sabotage of the Big 4 job plan, to shed innocent blood in his eternal quest for power. What a shame on Father’s Day. Mr father of violence, freedom is coming on August 9,” William Ruto said.

But a statement Raila who will be giving his fifth attempt at the presidency accused the deputy president of blaming everyone for everything that befalls him.

“Mr. Six months, for how long will you blame everyone for everything that is before you. It’s not okay to be rudderless, clueless, and plan-less,

“This country is slowly overcoming fraudsters and shortcuts that define your politics. Maliza uende. There is no room for sympathy votes!” Raila said in a Tweet.

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