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Nairobi preacher says God will reward William Ruto with presidency

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tv stations stopped displaying tallies when they were almost done tallying.

Although there are many elective seats at different levels, it is the race to succeed retiring President Uhuru Kenyatta that has attracted the attention of Kenyans and even the international community.

As the clock continues to tick towards the election day, a Nairobi-based preacher has predicted who among the four presidential candidates is likely to emerge the winner.

Self-styled prophet F Muna of Chrisco church in Kawangware suggested that Deputy President William Ruto was on the verge of becoming Kenya’s fifth president.

He argued that God would not allow Uhuru and his allies to succeed in their plans to scuttle William Ruto’s presidential bid.

“The next president will come from God, not an organization of some people. God is going to humble Kenyans for the second time. In 2002 he gave them a president in a wheelchair this time he will give them a president they are fighting,” said Prophet Muna.

This was not the first prediction to be made by a preacher.

In June this year, another city preacher predicted Ruto’s victory in the upcoming polls.

Bishop Edward Mwai of Jesus Winner Ministry said God showed him that the DP was going to win the presidency.

“Siwadanganyi hawa watashinda (I am not lying to you these people will win ). I told you during this year’s crossing-over celebrations that where you will see leaders running,

” Those are the ones who will lead the country after elections. Where have you seen political leaders migrating to? If it is here, then you got the answer,” he said.

The bishop said he correctly predicted the presidential outcomes of 2007, 2013, and 2017, adding that his 2022 prediction won’t be any different from the previous ones

President Uhuru fallout with Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has been on a warpath with his boss President Uhuru for the better part of the Jubilee government’s second term in office.

The frosty relationship started brewing in March 2018 when the president shook hands with opposition leader Raila Odinga and agreed to work with him.

The pact between the two elbowed Ruto out of government and resulted in a bitter fallout that has been playing out in public.

Uhuru has since thrown his weight behind Raila’s presidential bid and has been wooing Kenyans to support him.

On Tuesday next week, Kenyans will be deciding who between Raila and Ruto will take over from Uhuru.

Other candidates in the race include George Wajackoyah of the Roots party and Wahiga Mwaure of the Agano party.

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