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Photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s only son-in-law

by Amos Khaemba

If one has a daughter, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, there is nothing as fulfilling as having a son-in-law.

Last year there were allegations that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta had welcomed her first child even though it has never been proved as no photo of the child was ever shared.

President Uhuru’s children are always secretive when it comes to their love life leaving Kenyans guessing.

On Saturday, June 19, reports emerged that President Uhuru’s only daughter, Ngina Kenyatta had held a colorful traditional wedding.

Vocal blogger Dennis Itumbi broke the news on social media, congratulating the newlyweds in what might have been an invite-only affair.

“Ngina Kenyatta, Congratulations on your Traditional Wedding. May God fill your journey with blessings solidify your union with renewed love and importantly grant you a great family.” Itumbi said on Twitter.

“The bride looked stunning in her outfit and her bridal party was dressed in red. The event was fabulous and everyone was dressed up and ready to celebrate the newest married couple in town.” a source told Capital FM.

Now it has been revealed that the lucky man who stole President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter’s heart is Alex Mwai.

According to reports President Uhuru’s son-in-law is the son of Karen Club General Manager Sam Mwai.

Reports also indicate that just her fiancee, Alex attended international schools for his undergraduate studies. He studied at Dedham University in Britain and ABF from IEB school in Real Madrid.

Ngina’s sweetheart is an Investment Director at Hesabu and previously worked with Ken Gen company.

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