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Raila Odinga claims he sacked William Ruto for stealing maize

by Amos Khaemba
Leading presidential candidates Raila Odinga and William Ruto are still faced with the dilemma of picking a suitable running mate.

The ODM leader Raila Odinga has claimed that he sacked Deputy President William Ruto as the minister of Agriculture for stealing maize.

Speaking in Tononoka, Mombasa on Sunday, February 20, Raila also refuted claims that he is President Uhuru’s project.

The former prime minister wondered how he can be Uhuru’s project when in fact President Uhuru was his deputy during his spell as the prime minister.

“I picked Musalia Mudavadi as my deputy together with Uhuru Kenyatta. How can I be his project?” he said.

“Huyo Ruto mimi niliajiri yeye, kama Waziri yangu ya Kilimo alipoiba mahindi nikafuta yeye, Kibaki akamuokoa , akampeleka Higher Education,” (I employed Ruto as the Agriculture Minister, but when he stole maize I sacked him, it is President Kibaki who gave him a lifeline by appointing him as a Minister for Higher Education). Raila said as the crowd cheered.

During his stint as the prime minister, Raila suspended William Ruto for being involved in a subsidized maize scam during the President Mwai Kibaki regime.

Once again, Raila questioned the source of Ruto’s funds which he donates in fundraising, claiming the money is proceeds of corruption.

“Even Safaricom cannot do such harambees,” the former prime minister said.

The ODM leader rallied the coastal region to continue supporting his presidential candidature promising massive economic transformation aimed at uplifting the standards of living in the country.

“We will expand our economy. Our economic growth rate will be 10 percent per annum. In 15 years, Kenya will jump from a poor to a rich nation,” Raila said.

“The economic revolution will start here in Mombasa. Mombasa port will be a free port like Dubai.  We will build a special economic zone,” He added.

Raila said reiterated that his administration will introduce a social protection fund for all poor families where each family will be paid Ksh 6000 stipend every month.

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