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Kakamega senator targets blogger Alai’s manhood after claims he failed exams ‘uncircumcised’

by Amos Khaemba

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has taken on popular blogger Robert Alai for claiming he did not graduate from the United State International University of Africa (USIU).

Annoyed by Alai’s allegation, Malala took to social media on Saturday, May 28, blasting the blogger saying he could not differentiate a university degree certificate because he wasn’t circumcised.

“Someone advise Robert Alai that a university degree certificate somehow resembles a circumcision certificate. If you don’t know the latter you can’t tell the former.” Malala said on Twitter.

But in a quick response, Alai who is also aspiring to be the Member of the Nairobi County Assembly for Kileleswa ward hit back saying, Malala had just confirmed his claims that he did not graduate.

“Graduates of USIU-Africa are smarter than this. Proved my point. You didn’t graduate from USIU.” Alai responded to Malala.

The response by Malala has attracted a lot of criticism from social media users most of who have accused the Senator lack respect.

“Guy is on a self-destruction mode. Never tell your enemies that they’re making a mistake. Alai has achieved what he wanted. He’ll never interrupt you. His is a long-range missile, not this cheap ‘kutahiri'” Aketch a random Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user Salim Akundo said, “That was a low blow, an aspiring Senator in his right mind does not hit below the belt. Continue talking & encourage your Rice to join the chorus.”

The war of words began after the Kakamega senator shared his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) to dispel rumors that he will be locked out of the Kakamega gubernatorial race for failing exams.

“The Commission for University Education (CUE) has duly certified and recognized my academic credentials and henceforth advised the IEBC to clear me to contest in the August 2022 gubernatorial election, Kakamega county,

“Those who cherish propaganda, feel ashamed. Attached are the true copies of my academic accolades.” Malala said on Facebook.

But Alai took to social media to question the authenticity of the certificates shared by the Kakamega gubernatorial candidate.

“Cleophas Malala has published this as his authentic USIU degree cert. This document was fraudulently obtained.

“From USIU records (where I am an alumnus), Malala started going to school 12 years ago. He still hasn’t finished 4 courses including the final project. ” Alai. alleged.

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