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Moses Kuria: President Uhuru has nothing but anger towards Ruto

by Amos Khaemba

On Saturday, July 2, President Uhuru Kenyatta took a swipe at his deputy, William Ruto accusing him of making noise instead of working for Kenyans.

President Uhuru wondered why the United Democratic Alliance presidential flag bearer is promising goodies yet he has a job and he is doing nothing.

With a few days to the August election, the Head of State and his deputy have been hitting at each other in what shows how deeply divided they are.

But in a quick rejoinder, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has blasted the Head of State for publicly showing his anger against his deputy.

According to the outspoken, lawmaker President Uhuru is angry because he has votes to help the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition flag bearer Raila Odinga to win the August poll.

“Mtu hana Kura. Mtu hana system. Amebaki tu na kilo Mia moja ya hasira. And Foolish Tinga fanatics can’t see this fraud. Dear God, if there is ever such a thing as reincarnation, please don’t turn me into a Raila Odinga Supporter. I would like to keep my brain,” Kuria said in a Facebook post.

Kuria who is eying the Kiambu gubernatorial seat alleged that President Uhuru is only but blindfolding Raila’s supporters to think that he genuinely supports the former prime minister.

“Your delirious ranting is the only thing you can offer Tinga to assuage his foolish supporters who are now laughing not knowing it’s a cover-up for the fraud you committed on him. You promised him votes which are now clear you don’t have.” Kuria said.

Harsh sentiments by Kuria come after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s criticism of William Ruto’s presidential bid.

Speaking at KICC on Saturday, July 2 the Head of State, wondered why his second in command in issuing pledges yet he had the opportunity to deliver while in government.

“Nasikitika nikiona wengine huko ng’we ng’we ng’we. Mtu amepewa kazi, badala ya kazi ni mdomo, mdomo, mdomo tu. Alafu anaanza kusema tutafanya na tutafanya,

“Kwa nini haukufanya ukiwa na kazi.Hii maneno ya makelele huko, huko, watu wawache upuzi. Munya hapa mefanya Kazi kwa miaka mitatu. Hao walikua Miaka nane walifanya nini?”

Loosely translated to, ” I am saddened to see some people talking out there. Someone has been given a job instead of doing it he is just making empty talks. Then the same person starts saying he will do this and that,

“Why didn’t you do that when you had the opportunity. People should stop such rubbish… This issue of making too much noise here and there should stop. CS Munya here has delivered a lot in the three years he has served. What have those people done for the 8 years?”

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