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Deputy President William Ruto’s viral fake 1990 undergraduate degree certificate

by Enock Ndayala
William Ruto undergraduate degree

Kenyans have been treated to dramatic news of several politicians having fake undergraduate degree certificates and blatantly using them to seek clearance to vie for various political seats.

Nairobi Senator, who aspires to be the next governor is, for instance, on the spot for having a fake undergraduate degree from a Ugandan University.

Wavinya Ndeti, also targeting the Machakos gubernatorial seat, has her degree from a UK university under scrutiny after it emerged she took a record 9 months to pursue a degree programme.

Former comedian Walter Mon’gare a.k.a Nyambane is also under investigation after presenting a questionable undergraduate degree certificate while seeking clearance to vie for the presidency.

On Friday, June 17, a degree certificate allegedly belonging to Deputy President and 2022 presidential aspirant William Ruto surfaced online.

The undergraduate degree certificate showed Ruto graduated with a degree in Botany from the University of Nairobi in 1990 where he got a second-class lower division.

Indeed, Ruto graduated from Nairobi University around the same time but the University of Nairobi came out to dismiss the viral undergraduate degree certificate, terming it fake.

Ruto’s apparent fake viral undergraduate certificate came at a time many of Ruto’s allies and supporters questioned his main rival, Raila Odinga’s academic qualification.

According to available data, Ruto holds a PhD with Raila being a holder of a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering as their highest level of education.

According to the Kenya constitution, candidates seeking to occupy presidential and gubernatorial positions need to possess an undergraduate degree from a University by the Commission on Higher Education.

Billionaire businessman-cum-politician Jimmy Wanjigi was denied clearance to vie for the presidency after it emerged he did not have a degree certificate. He only had transcripts and said he was scheduled to graduate late in 2022.

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